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We walked over 6 miles but they have awesome buses to carry... The bus tour is great for a different perspective and if you you don't want...

We went first thing after breakfast and were done by lunch time. We went first thing after breakfast and were done by lunch time. So an attraction I was hoping to see has cancelled and now need to fill a day.Founded in 1916, the Zoo has been an icon in San Diego for nearly 100 years—and an absolute must-see in Southern California. Took the Inside Look Tour (2hr) on a cart which was worthwhile. We had the opportunity to feed the Okapi which was neat. It was fun we really enjoyed long walk and watching all the animals.i wish they had some kinds show in the you need to purchase a ticket have to stand in long lineup. Spend the day monkeying around in our tropical oasis as you visit beautiful habitats that are home to gorillas, eagles... they only had two cashiers over 70 people in the lineup... We had a 2 year old with us and he was a little too young to really pay attention but he had fun nonetheless. Enough viewing space to see animals without waiting for others to leave. Take the bus to have an overview then you could walk a day through and maybe then go for the night safari which we did not. It is currently not possible to link your account to Facebook or Google (although Google does track achievements), but linking your account to an upjers account is a great way to ensure you can always get back to your game, even on new devices!Horse Farm, Rail World, My Free Farm 2, Stonies, etc.), you can simply pick the option "Log in with upjers account": You can sell items and animals you don't need from your inventory (the top button - with the cards - in the bar on the right side of your screen).

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