Xbmc recently added movies not updating

686.093201 T:1752974368 NOTICE: Wake On Access [] trigged by accessing : My SQL : My Videos93 687.146729 T:1752974368 INFO: Wake On Lan - Magic packet send to '40:8D:5C:17:6D: F3' 694.927979 T:1570526240 DEBUG: webserver: request received for /jsonrpc 700.940796 T:1752974368 DEBUG: Previous line repeats 1 times. 700.941162 T:1752974368 NOTICE: Wake On Access sequence completed, server started 701.317322 T:1752974368 DEBUG: Run Query took 361 ms for 117 items query: select * from movie_view WHERE ((movie_Count IS NULL OR movie_Count 'Various artists' 702.330933 T:1752974368 DEBUG: Time to retrieve artists from dataset = 56 702.415955 T:1752974368 DEBUG: Get Songs By Where query = SELECT songview.* FROM songview WHERE ((CAST(songview.i Times Played as DECIMAL(5,1)) If I turn that off, it won’t wake the HTPC when I try watch a movie which is what it should be doing.Here is Qualar's thread if you're interested (credit is due) Mostly my goals were to make this skin RAM efficient and more visible for users not sitting in front of a computer (to be able to sit in the recliner and still be able to read words on the screen if you will).

xbmc recently added movies not updating-64

Is there a setting for how often it does these updates? If your HTPC was only acting as a file server then yes, it would only wake when trying to actually play media.

Also, I assume I can run these both off the 16gb microsd card it’s currently using?

-First and foremost, all credit goes to Scarfa for Rapier (this idea is fantastic) -I started with Rapier Qualar Mod 3.13 as it was the last version available for use on xbox (I couldn't find an actual source code for it so download this if you want to actually see what I was working with).

IMHO with a My SQL install I would not have an expectation of the My SQL server being able to sleep for any length of time.

I think you are right - my expectations are slightly off as it is running the My SQL server, i’ve had a poke around the Confluence skin and even that is regularly updating the “recently played/added” widgets from My SQL.

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