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The goal is for singles to bust out of shy comfort zones and actually say, “Hi” to people they find attractive everywhere they go. We hear from a lot of women who say they approached people they thought were way 'out of their league' and scored," says Fantasy Dating Owner, Suzanne Casamento. provides a forum for women to post points, cheer each other on and share dating advice and successes.

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To ring in 2013, Fantasy Dating dares singles to make a New Year's Resolution to change the way they play the field at

Every email, conversation and date you earn by using welovedates.com, earns you Fantasy Dating points.

That means using great online dating sites, like to maximize your Fantasy Dating game.

A key to winning is for daters to use their dating tools.

And as they dare to date, they walk taller, smile, feel more confident, and meet people with ease.

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