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Each year, she sees a handful of VIP clients paired up with someone on their level.“These clients know what they want, are willing and able to pay for our focused attention,” she said.As Amy Andersen (also known as Silicon Valley’s Cupid) put it, “The Valley is a thinking person’s world. People are used to thinking their way through problems.” However, dating and relationship problems aren’t solved by thinking but by feeling, so a lot of rational, single men in Silicon Valley throw up their hands in despair when it comes to finding love.

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Amy’s job as a high-end matchmaker in Silicon Valley is to help her clients get out of their own way and find a compatible date by tapping into a curated network of singles.“Word travels, and more great people join the network,” she said, “which in turn creates further positive effects.” “I highly recommend placing your trust, time, and patience with Amy,” said a Stanford-educated entrepreneur.“She is highly capable of finding the perfect match.While Amy specializes in serving Silicon Valley’s dating population, she can reach out to potential date prospects across the country and around the world on behalf of her clients.“The Linx difference is in the quality of the Linx network of people,” she explained.

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