Whox27s dating zac efron

Supposedly, Efron was the one who ended things with a source close to the actor claiming distance and work schedules got in the way.

Fans have speculated that Miró may have cheated during the relationship while at Coachella., sparking rumors that the two were/are dating.

Their similar experiences can help the two relate despite a little bit of an age difference.

Efron has been incredibly complimentary to Zendaya about her skills and maturity on set.

The pair were later seen partying at a club in Ibiza, showing a lot of PDA throughout the night.

After being spotted having a jolly good time together at a UFC fight, signs seem to be pointing to a romantic coupling between Efron and Olympic athlete Sarah Bro.Adding to that, Zendaya always maintained that the two are just friends and that she had a lot of fun on that press tour.Holland, on the other hand, has neither confirmed nor denied the rumors.smiling and laughing in their seats," supposedly arrived and left the event together.His new movie projects like Neighbors and Baywatch showcase his new muscular build and have earned him the label as a commercially successful actor, allowing him to shed his traditional Disney boy image.

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