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Although there have been many attempts to get some words from Shelly about her life, her expectations, and her relationship with Zac, none of them have been successful as she has always refused to give an interview.Zac and Shelly prefer keeping their personal lives to themselves and don’t talk about their relationship in the media.

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Zac brown eventually married the woman of his life, Shelly, and has said that he has been in love with her ever since they kissed for the very first time.

By the time he reached high school, Zac knew he would be a professional musician simply due to the skill-set he had developed.

Along with performing the usual covers of pop and country songs, Zac also started creating and performing his own tunes while doing his solo gigs in high school. Zac Brown did his initial schooling at Mashburn International School located near Cumming, in Georgia where he was tutored by a vocal coach for nearly a year.

“We feel blessed to be on such an incredible journey in life and sometimes the journey begins to lead in different directions.

It is with deep love and respect that we announce we are separating as a couple.

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