Who is kristin davis dating 2016

Few real life Hollywood love stories actually end in “happily ever after,” but boy, do these celebrities seem to have fun trying!

From heartthrob mismatches to oddball romances, we’ve got the celebrities couples you won't believe were once together.

Roughly 60 people showed up to find their soulmate. Janis got into the matchmaking business in 1993 and claims to be responsible for 2,000 marriages.

She had also been convicted on prostitution charges for procuring hookers for Spitzer, who resigned from the governorship in March 2008 after allegations surfaced that he had a hooker habit.Special counsel Robert Mueller’s team this week interviewed Kristin Davis — the notorious hooker booker for ex-Gov.Eliot Spitzer who also has close ties to President Trump’s crony Roger Stone — as part of his investigation into Russian election interference, a new report said Friday.Cattrall seemed to lend credence to that theory by retweeting a fan's supportive message that read, "You know what, Kim?Make as many demands as you want, you've earned it." Kim not only retweeted the message, she also added a muscle-flexing emoji: She didn't stop there, retweeting several other comments about the situation, including one pointing out the hypocrisy of wanting a movie about empowered women and then slamming Kim for asserting herself, and one that called the second "Sex" movie "terrible": Neither "Sex and the City" film earned "fresh" ratings at Rotten

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