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Revealing on her My Space account a day later, she said that it was her busy and hectic schedule that could have been the reason of the break up.In 2008, she came out as a Lesbian and she was dating Courtenay Semel, the daughter of Yahoo CEO Terry Semel.Her career as a model begun in 2001 when she was first discovered by a Playboy magazine scout in the Sharpstown Mall who offered her to pose nude for the magazine.She first took the test shoot and then eventually moved to California.She has also announced that she has found happiness in sober living.

Tila was a victim of brain aneurysm and almost led to death after the death of her fiance.She graduated from Alief Hastings High School in 2000 and she states her violent adolescent has inspired her to become a model.She has revealed in an interview that she has taken some college classes but does not have a college degree because there was no subject that fascinated her other than her interest in the entertainment industry.When she was one year old, her family relocated to Texas in a community and her family left the community when she was eight.She has an interesting Child story to share as she used to enter night clubs when she was at school using her sister’s identification cards.

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