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Coupled with a sense of virtue and responsibility for today’s actions affecting the future generations of itself and of others, it is this very ability to learn and adapt that has enabled Interface – a carpet manufacturing company to transform its operations towards reducing the environmental impact of carpet production.

The founder of Interface, Ray Anderson, first challenged the people in the organisation in 1994 to come up with a strategy to address this issue of environmental sustainability.

Change is often uncomfortable, at best – but what enables people throughout an organisation to sustain their initiatives and innovate as a living system?

Recent developments in organisational development may provide some insights. of an organisation through positively framed questions.

For example, when you search for a film, we use your search information and location to show the most relevant cinemas near you.The first questions that come to mind would certainly be, “How did it happen? ” In the case of the toxic sludge in Hungary that wiped out all life in the Marcal river -I found out that it was the MAL Hungarian Aluminium Production and Trade Company (MAL Co.) From their website, MAL Co. designed to create new jobs, …promote product restructuring,… Yet, companies such as Shell, Sumitomo, and Stora managed to flourish till today, with some tracing their origins as early as the 17th century! The first is being sensitive, attuned to, and remaining in harmony with the changes that occur around them.achieve continuous improvements in quality with a view to creating the conditions of long term operation for the Group.” As with most organizations or companies established, the vision for itself would be to operate for the ? ; for as long as it is able to, till the end of time. Though made up of a rich variety of individuals who are at times unpredictable and unfathomable, the living company, as Arie suggests, is a community of unique persona with the ability to discern its own “membership” and the ability to learn how to co-exist with other communities and within its physical environment.(February 2009) Aside from monetary gains, this journey is enabling the realisation of technological and process innovations such as post-consumer recycling technologies and reverse logistics.These innovations in turn benefit the industry, i.e. So, what does it take then, to turn from a MAL Co- type company to an Interface type?

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