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Although I guess it's better than if real-life siblings played on-screen lovers. Still, somehow these celebrity couples who played siblings have worked through any issues, at least when it comes to getting their work done. While playing brother and sister on screen might have worked for some couples like Lauren Graham and Peter Krause, it didn't work out so well for others.

If anyone understands the struggle of trying to keep a squeaky clean image and avoid drama, it's Disney Channel actors.

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It's easy to understand that sometimes when sparks fly on screen, they also fly off screen. It's makes our favorite television and movie romances come alive.Since Disney Channel stars are constantly in the spotlight and heavily scrutinized, it often seems like ridiculous rumors will always come with the territory.There's no telling when a random fan will accuse them of being a diva or when a gossip blog will publish an entire story about a relationship that they never had.Unfortunately, Dove was accused of being just that.When a fan tweeted about having a huge crush on the actress, she responded in jest, claiming "she's a total diva." However, one follower suggested there was truth to the statement, claiming that she sits apart from her castmates and is "perched higher" in selfies. She responded: "You do know that people TELL us where to sit in interviews and who is supposed to take the selfies, right?

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