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I'm 5-foot-7, so I kept showing up and towering over my dates, which wasn't fun for me," she says. Nah, because that misrepresentation wasn't on her, and they made her feel confident. "If you're going to dinner, there needs to be enough material to have about a good hour and a half of conversation," says Newman. Prepare for awkward silences and escaping to the bathroom to send your friends a rushed "WTF do I do?! At first, Newman tried to determine what a guy wanted and conform to that.Once that tactic wasn't successful, she reevaluated and discovered the benefits of being authentic.Newman loves high heels, so she continued wearing them even though they sometimes threw a wrench into things.

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Here, she explains 16 different things she learned in the 10 years of dating it took before she met her partner, Dave, in February 2013.

"It's exhausting to try to figure out what someone wants instead of being yourself, and really, you don't need to be a fit for everybody," she says."Something like, ' Hey, how are you doing? ' immediately gave the date a sense of familiarity and made the guys feel more at home with me," says Newman.

"It was an organic way to make things feel more natural, probably because it helped show that I was looking at them as people instead of just trying to get the right answers out of them."This especially comes in handy if you want to see if there's a spark.

First dates should be about getting to know the , not about how much money they have or do not have!

First dates are simply not the time nor the place to discuss personal finance!

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