What is the new adventure dating show on nbc

I mean, complaining about reality TV is so 2005, but seriously? This show has trashy written all over it; I just hope they make participants take a class on STDs before they set them loose in the wild.

The 2018-19 TV season is heading for the homestretch, so here’s a list of spring premiere dates for new and returning series.THERE WILL BE PLENTY OF SURPRISES EVERY STEP OF THE WAY.AVOID ELIMINATION AND YOU'LL GO HOME AS THE WINNING TEAM & MUCH, MUCH RICHER!Add in Meryl Streep, whose character swears to seek justice for her son at whatever cost, and we have …quite an extensive web of lies to keep track of, no? , it’s about damn time for them to unwind, enjoy some fun in the sun, and have a relaxing summer devoid of any and all extraterrestrial species. The demogorgons don’t care about seasons or your puberty hormones, you fools!

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