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These sites can be found on with a normal internet search or on the deep web.

And now we reach a topic that you probably expected to see in this article. On the deep web there are sites similar to Amazon or ebay that sell illegal items.

Some of these sites claim to be leaked information from professionals.

Have you ever wanted to learn about magic, spells, alchemy, astral projection, meditation, energy/aura work, the chakras, telepathy and more? Some of this info can also be found with the standard search engines too as well books.

The deep web is much bigger than the "surface" web though, so you will find more info on the deep web about these unique studies than you would find on the internet that most people are used to.

They really aren't difficult to find but a lot of the sites differ in what is "facts" so getting any real info might be a challenge.

Also be prepared for high levels of energy/psychic vampire hatred and exclusion from the vampire communities who will let you know that energy vampires are not a real vampire because they don't need blood like them and that they're not welcome there because they feed in a different way.

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