Validating soap

However, it would be better to be able to use a framework class to do it without rolling our own.Fortunately, there is such a class in the framework.If the string passed to Write String() includes characters that are not valid for XML, your XML output will also. If it finds an invalid XML character, the web service will respond with HTTP 400 Bad Request.The characters below 32, except for tab, carriage return, and new line, the UTF-8 BOM, and invalid surrogate pairs are not allowed by the XML standard. That doesn’t help the user figure out what’s going on.Unfortunately there is no method (that I'm aware of) to enable schema validation in . Soap Validation-0.5- Assembly, documentation, samples Soap Validation-0.5- Source, documentation, samples The latest code is now being maintained in a Google Code repository. Easy :) Report bugs to Michael Eddington @ [email protected] a reference to Soap from your web service project. First you can force all web methods to be validated using the web.config file.This is a project to provide continued support for this extension. To add in XML schema validation we must parse the soap packet ourselves.There have been some updates to the original code, including moving to the . This of course will incur an additional performance hit outside of simply turning on validation.

Today I needed to change the code in TFS to better handle characters that are not allowed in XML.There was a great article on MSDN a while back (years at this point) that showed the creation of a SOAP extension that would verify incoming requests against a schema, something . Additionally there was quasi support for schematron via Assert attributes.This allows for a very powerful input validation of web services.The result is a significant improvement over getting a generic HTTP 400 Bad Request from the web service. When you sign in to comment, IBM will provide your email, first name and last name to DISQUS.

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