Validating a cashiers check

What to look for in an answer: Example: "I trained new cashiers on our POS system and explained how to process checks, cash and credit card transactions.I showed the new hires how to complete end-of-shift reconciliation and break down the register till to a total of for the next shift.Assuming the payment is legitimate, you'll eventually have money to spend.Your bank's funds availability policy may automatically let you spend that money, which leads you to believe that the payment cleared.I created a new receipt showing the refund to enforce quality control practices, and I provided a full refund from the cash register till." A head cashier oversees cashiers in their department and is responsible for training all new hires.This makes it essential that the candidate understands how to complete all their job duties with ease.

They need to ensure refunds meet specific guidelines outlined in the company's reimbursement policy.

Two main companies, American Express and Thomas Cook, issue travellers cheques, and neither of the products have expiration dates.

According to American Express, unused cheques can be saved for future trips or cashed out when no longer needed.

I reviewed the customer's address and compared it to distance restrictions outlined in the check policy.

I refused any check that wasn't approved through the POS system or wasn't within the target area." A head cashier learns how to complete the duties of a cashier, but they act as a manager to other cashiers.

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