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The club card serves as a licence to pronounce opinion on all matters anywhere anytime.

But it is opinion always expressed discriminately, subjectively, and with prejudice.

*************************************** NEVER MIND CIVIL SOCIETY'S RANT. EVEN AS PARTS OF THE STATE HAVE ABDICATED THEIR RESPONSIBILITY, A TRIAL COURT IN CHHATTISGARH HAS MADE HISTORY MANVENDRA SINGH Alot of people one grew up with, and a lot of people befriended along the way, became members of the 'civil society'.

Everyone, after all, evolves in differing directions intellectually.

The lure of the lyrical attracts some to seek membership of civil society.

Hence, corporate cooperation in university-level research would contribute to excellence, with or without certification by babus.

In fact, Mr Sibal would do well to set up a committee to find out what ails our university system and the reasons why universities languish.

The fact of the matter is that most universities today are sausage factories that churn out graduates and post-graduates of dubious intellectual ability.

The Maoists must put an end to their disruptive and violent agenda that is really geared towards the establishment of a totalitarian state.

They had their chance when their leader, Mr Pushpa Kamal Dahal, popularly known as 'Prachanda', was the Prime Minister, but he chose to engage in unhealthy politics, suppressing all forms of dissent and disagreement and finally creating an unnecessary spat with the Army chief that led to his resignation.

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