Updating xml column sql server 2016

The organization has tasked us with those responsibilities, but they didn’t tell us to become little martinet’s, jealously guarding our territory, privileges and access.They didn’t require us to force developers to become supplicants who must kowtow in order to get the database they need to start developing. The business expects us to provide a service, and deliver it like any other well-run service.

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The Scouts of America do a great job of turning out leaders.That chaotic period in the Scouts is creative chaos, it is group thought. Instead, the leaders harness the creative energy gradually, and use their influence to give it focus and purpose. Our service should be to enable the developers to be developers, to develop. Working with them and help guide their efforts, where necessary, without setting the absolute direction, or doggedly imposing your own ideas.Leadership through service teaches us that we can best set direction if we best serve, best help, best provide an environment through which people can get what they need, but do it within a paradigm that also moves in a good direction. Help them get things done, but always keeping in sight your end goal of a safe production landing. The more manual your processes, the more pain you’re going to feel. I understand that some organizations just won’t be able to adapt this approach.We want to know, as far as we can, exactly what is going into it, and when, so that we can manage backups, disaster recovery, downtime and all the rest.We want these things, in fact, we’re required to provide these things on production, so when we look over our shoulder at what is coming towards us from development, we instinctively cringe.

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