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(As a brief aside: Have you ever stopped to think how strange it is that “Photoshop” has crept into linguistic usage as a word to describe the manipulation of images? That’s multiples of the price Microsoft levies for its Office suite and about the average price consumers pay for an entire laptop.

Not everyone wants two gallons of mustard when all they need is enough for a sandwich. In this case, currency itself.) By lowering the entry price of its software suite and the unit of value that corresponds to it, Adobe has made its flagship software more accessible to more people in an age when digital media manipulation is more democratic than ever…You can also Control -click (Mac) | Right -click Win to see additional options for each of the elements stored in your Libraries.In addition to storing graphics (including Layers, Layer Groups, and Smart Objects), text styles (including font, type style, color, size, tracking, and leading), layer styles, and colors (fill, stroke, and foreground) can all be added to the Libraries panel. We all get irate when asked to shoot a friend’s wedding for next to nothing.Taking pictures of a new band for their next gig is seen as doing you a favor.

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