Updating panther to leopard

Thirdly, it has a significant cost to stay backwards compatible, this price is paid in the form of: Is eliminating those costs worth a 10% drop in sales? The reason why I have kept Panther compatibility for this long has nothing to do with additional sales and all to do with me just not liking to cut people off.

But by requiring Leopard I get all the Tiger stuff I have reluctantly ignored, all the new Leopard APIs which I look forward to use.

I can render text with the faster Core Text which hopefully is free of the various ATSUI rendering bugs (like ignoring your drawn bold/italic font variant unless you flush your font cache regularly, or not doing proper anti-alias on bright text with a dark background), etc.

There is also Objective-C 2.0 with garbage collection, I don’t think anyone realizes how much work it is to manually unbind stuff from nibs when disposing them to avoid retain cycles (and thus memory leaks).

so if you buy 4 more seats then you are eligible to move inside or wait on the same day for 4 people who might come to the park and buy the tickets.you may go in sharing with them.

R Lafourcade was quick to post a comment trying to talk me out of it, so let me elaborate a bit.

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Actually you should have a permit of minimum of 6 people to move inside the park.

To conclude suppose you have just brought 2 seats permit.....it does not guarantee a entry as there needs to be 4 more people to complete a gypsy entry permit.

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