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But i know that call feature was previously there in MSN messenger and it was infact free but they removed it a year or earlier than that .. Ya, I'm definetley postive that this is MSN Messenger 6.2, not Windows Messenger.

I read about the Make A Phone Call feature, and how it was originally free.

Please let me know of what I'm doing wrong so that we can get this solved asap. A, in their online FAQ it mentions Make A Phone Call, and B, it shows the grayed out option to Make A Phone Call in the Actions tab before I sign in.

So I think that it detects something is blocked, so it removes the option.

-------------------------- Sorry, never found a way to do it through MSN messenger.

However, I did get an account at Free World Dial-up so I could make 1-800 calls for free, so I just use that with a calling card.

Now it is limited to 5 minutes, and you have to redial if you wish to continue talking, but they still support the feature.

If I am signed into MSN Messenger, the Make A Phone Call feature should be under Actions, but it disappears due to what I think is it detects something blocks and removes the feature. I checked with one of my friends who was online and he has got 6.2 and he doesnot have make a phone call either..

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Hi, I currently don't have the option at the home screen of MSN Messenger to Make A Phone Call.[Source : Neowin] Johnny_Mac says: I was first made aware of this issue over on the MSN Fanatic Forums, and what seemed to be an isolated problem is rapidly gathering pace.I know this has already happened to a handful of people, and the number seems to be growing hourly.I currently have a Linksys Wireless-B Router (Model BEFW11S4), Microsoft SP2, Norton Internet Security 2004, Norton Systemworks 2003, and the latest version of Spy Sweeper (thought that might be some useful info).I disabled the Microsoft Firewall since I already have the Norton firewall, I've forwarded the ports 6891-6900, 6801, 6901, and 2001-2120. Just recently I discovered a tab in the router's OS for UPn P forwarding, but I haven't even begun to mess with that.

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