Updating iphone software

In addition, Apple Maps will begin providing real-time information in some cities for transit routes.

If your bus is running late, for example, the app will show an update with the latest bus schedule.

The new software system will also reduce data sizes of apps, which will also increase speeds.

App downloads will be 50 percent smaller, and software updates will be 60 percent smaller.

Apple’s i OS 13, the next version of the i Phone operating system, which was unveiled this week, includes new features like a so-called dark mode to make the screen easier on your eyes.

And Google’s Android Q, unveiled last month, introduces new gestures for controlling Android phones and some enhancements to safeguard user privacy.

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By the time of the operating systems’ release, there will probably be plenty of apps taking advantage of the new mode.Here, a switchboard of controls includes an option to see the apps that are using your location as well as the ability to opt out of ad-targeting inside apps.Apple and Google have been copying each other’s phone software for years.Whenever the website or app you sign up for tries to contact you, it will email the burner address, and Apple will forward the memo to your real email address.So if a business starts sending spam to the burner email address, you can delete your account, and the business won’t have your real email address.

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