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This will make it much easier on your family members to file a claim and receive the benefit quickly.You should review your beneficiary information at least once a year to make sure everything is current.These values will almost always be strings, numbers, arrays, and hashes.These will become the equivalent Ruby objects when you access them from an ERB template.In addition, the court appointed guardian must obtain a specific court order authorizing them to change the beneficiary designation.Please have the court appointed guardian complete form 29-336, Designation of Beneficiary and Optional Settlement.Your VA Life Insurance Beneficiary is the person you have designated to receive your insurance proceeds in the event of your death.

Complete the form and mail to us at: VARO&IC (B&O)P. BOX 8638PHILADELPHIA, PA 19101 In order to change a beneficiary designation for a competent Veteran, please do one of the following: If the Veteran is incompetent, only a court appointed guardian can change the beneficiary designation for the veteran.

Even though you may have the same beneficiary, they might have changed addresses.

A regular beneficiary review each year will make sure you capture these changes.

The In/Outprocessing center focuses on the installation clearance procedures and individual Soldier readiness verification.

The various installation agencies needed to welcome and depart permanent party Soldiers and their families from Fort Benning are organized by this area.

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