Turnkey dating websites for sale

Hello, I've been reading some very negative reviews about this company. Sort of, what I mean by that is, I gave them a name to put on the website but they put the wrong name on it.But, I have not seen any rebuttal from Turnkey Nation? (I gave them 2 domain names because of 2 websites that was suppose to be from the same place.) Now here's the tricky question, did I receive access to the actual e-book that I purchased? I received a login name and password but when I used it, there was nothing there!

Within no time I had earned back what I spent and ever since then I've been making a profit every week.

Dont even bother buying from this guy he acts as a company but he works for himself.

All his sites are made by php and are cheap looking you could get a better made site for less that that.

2017 and today is now March 16, 2017, and I STILL HAVE NOT HEARD ANYTHING BACK FROM THEM ABOUT MY PURCHASE!! I will be taking further action due to the fact that I have not received a refund, nor the product I purchased, and no response to my last email. The point being, DON' T DO BUSINESS WITH TURNKEY NATION/OVIS HOSTING! (They will be reported to the BBB and any other company that varifies the legitimacy and reputation of any businesses!

) I was skeptical because I saw both positive and negative reviews online of Turnkey Nation, but after talking to them they made me feel comfortable with my business decisions, so I decided to choose them. They set me up with a dropship website, loaded the products, provided me the supplier info, and set up the site so that it automatically updates with the supplier, and also gave me free traffic credits.

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