Trey songz dating ethiopian

Besides being blessed with an angel-like falsetto, his dimples garner the ability to woo any woman in sight.

Discovered at talent shows around the early-2000s, Trey burst into the mainstream scene with his 2005 debut " singer maintains a Playboy image.

On July 26, 2005, Trey released his debut album I Gotta Make It via Atlantic Records. The standard album consists of 17 tracks, which give it a total length of an hour.

It didn’t get any certifications but charted at #20 in US Billboard 200, and #6 in Top Hip Hop Albums. He first appeared in the drama film Queen of Media for his role as DJ I. The film is loosely based on Wendy Williams‘s The film was made in 2008 and is not released until now.

Rumor had it back in 2008 that Songz was not just dating, but engaged to his girlfriend, Ethiopian dancer Helen Gedlu.

He admitted at the time that they were a couple, according to Singers, but he denied that he'd popped the question.

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