Thompson contender dating

It want down and not so much as a pop the rod came out ... Hornet, I'm hoping to get the round balls shooting good this weekend. On my rifle the first click is half cock, after the second click the hammer can be lowered to the fired position, and the third click is full cock.

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The stock steel butt plate was brutal with heavy loads.

The only thing missing is the NIPPLE, it looks like these just screw on...I but these direct from TC.....? Can usually find what you need here as well: T/C factory records were lost in a fire, IIRC, so dating one by the serial number is a bit tricky.

There's a few fellows over at the Muzzleloading forum that can give you an educated guess. I don't know for sure but I think my dad bought it at least 20 years ago. The TC Hawken is the only muzzleloader I know that you can put together completely with replacement and upgrade parts.

The gun is being sold by someone going thru a divorce. Like everything else T/C made, those are well made of good strong steel and worth considerably more than 0.

I just started out in BP Shooting & I picked this one up for 0.00.

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