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Previous iterations of the app gave users new potential matches once a day, but now matches come in a regular trickle, like Tinder but with lower volume.

The main difference, though, is that Hinge focuses on matching you with people you share Facebook friends with, if you have a Facebook account.

You should also prevent regrowth afterward by digging up the roots, lingering the are with mulch, and also treat the area with preventative herbicides throughout the growing season. If you are not particularly allergic or you know someone who is not allergic to poison ivy, so pulling ivy works great to kill poison ivy plants.

You will need to be repeated pulling as roots will have been missed.

"In our major markets, one in five of your friends is on Hinge," she continues.

"Our users can receive up to 20 potentials a day." If you're on the app, chances are a lot of your friends are, too; the average user has about 50 Facebook friends on Hinge.

try a pond, section of pavement, or a constantly mowed area between the encroaching poison ivy and your garden. Once you are sure that poison ivy is dead and you don’t need to treat the area again with herbicides or other solution, then you can replace the poison ivy with other more desired plants.

Keep in mind that poison ivy fills the two ecological niches that you know, feeding songbirds with fall berries and protect the soil as a ground cover.

To get rid of poison ivy plant simply you can pull the plant if you will stay covered and dispose the plant carefully, or use natural or glyposphate based chemical herbicides labeled for the use of against poison ivy.

"It's all friends of friends," Mc Leod said on CNBC.

"It's quite hard to use it for casual encounters." Hinge doesn't give user numbers, but spokeswoman Jean-Marie Mc Grath reports that 35,500 dates per week and 1,500 relationships happen because of the dating app.

you need to keep your distance while pulling out the plants.

Wearing gloves as the root can also produce a poison ivy characteristic effect, dig down the soil at least 8 inches to kill poison ivy plants. Make sure to go to the right to the end where the roots are growing.

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