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It also gives you an extra clothing set when D has her first photoshoot later in the game) F’s Room • Open the door • Kiss her o Cop a feel Lunch • Kiss her o Touch her thigh or Touch her boobs ( 1EXH) • Talk about the food • Talk about Cassandra • Kiss Her o Cop a Feel or Touch her thigh ( 1EXH) o Stop o NOTE: If you choose to continue, you’ll get an extra 1EXH but you’ll need to have 10EXH points otherwise D will get mad at you and you’ll lose -10LP.

• Go to the library Library • Boost her up • Focus on D (NOTE: If you decide to keep looking, be sure to tell her the truth if you don’t want to lose LP) o Catch her ( 1LP) o Kiss her ▪ Cup her boob ( 1 boob point) Full Walkthrough – Chapter 2 Download the latest version of “DMD CH:2”: https:// ▪ Grab her ass ( 1 ass point) Squash • Hit the ball • Sorry, I was contemplating your beauty ( 1LP) • Mini Game #1: o Stay in the back o Serve the ball slowly o Return the ball • Bribe the employee o Strip Squash • Strip Squash Mini Game: o Stay in the back o Serve the ball fast o Go to the middle o Extra scene for Tier: ▪ Go to the front ▪ Serve the ball fast F’s Bathroom • Wash her boobs or Wash her pussy Asian Restaurant • Talk about the food o Call the waiter ▪ Complain ( 2LP) • Fancy Places • Play with the food ( 2FP) ( 1LP) Spa Area: • Condom: Just like in Ch.1, if you keep it you might use later in the game to have sex with other characters.

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Don’t you know that the gym center and the crossfit club are the new best place to fuck? After a workout, you meet Sara, a pretty brunette with huge boobs and an angel face. But when you decide to spy the the showers reserved for girls, you can see the pretty Sara nude touching herself!For example, if you choose to stare at your daughter’s ass and she catches you, you’ll lose 1 friendship point. On each day, you’ll have a date with your daughter. Dad will see Martin as Maria is out of the office – Dad will resign – Martin says he’ll take care of Maria – You will get a small severance package, but it will stop you from doing certain activities (and viewing special scenes) with D in Chapter 2 due to lack of funds.You’ll have to get a certain amount points to advance in the game. (This won’t be the best option for players on the Daughter path, as it will lead to less scenes with her) • Georgina Path: If Georgina didn’t masturbate early on Day 7 and you didn’t reject her, At the office you tell her you’re going to resign – G gives you an audio recording if she went to the office early on Day 7 – You will be meeting with Martin because Maria is out – Martin says he will take care of Maria – you decide not to use audio recording as you don’t want to get Martin in trouble.But because you’re a young handsome man, you will get the chance to know a lot of hot, sexy girls in the town that you live in.It is all up to you, but don’t forget that the most interesting part begins when you find out that each girl is special and different.

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