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(You know I love you.) I really need to bust a nut. You can’t be bothered to get out of the car and ring her goddamn doorbell? If you have to cancel plans, do her the courtesy of calling her and explaining. If you’ve done something wrong and feel the need to apologize, do that shit in person. If you’re so lazy you can’t type one extra letter, then you’re an idiot. Every additional text you send makes her lock her knees together a little tighter. Every guy knows when you ask a girl out, you’re the one who has to decide what you’re doing. Once again, if you’re fucking up by being late, don’t compound the error by sending this text. If this is in response to her breaking your date, pissing you off, etc., it’s passive-aggressive as hell. You probably think you’re being all romantic and shit, but this is a text that says nothing of importance and requires no response.

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(but, but, but, but your telephone number is wrong.) She won't let me fucc. (You know I love you.) (Víte, já tě miluju.) I really need to bust a nut. (Please don't change the subject.) (Prosíme, neměňte předmět.) She won't let me fucc. (We coulda fucked all night long) (Coulda jsme v prdeli celou noc) I really need to bust a nut. (but, but, but, but your telephone number is wrong.) (ale, ale, ale, ale vaše telefonní číslo je špatné.) She won't let me fucc. Read what I have to say, integrate my tips, buy a couple heavy golden chains and a cane with a diamond skull on top of it. She’s super hot and apparently, she likes you back… …but you just keep getting rejected again and again. To help you out, bro, we’re going to look at some texts my holiday girlfriend gets. So let’s see what kind of texts my girlfriend from overseas get in her Tinder inbox.In this article you’re getting: By the way, did you know there is one opener SO good, that I don't want every peasant to get a hold of it. You swipe a couple times and you see a gorgeous female specimen. You imagine touching her body with its luscious curves while she whispers in your ear. Just the thought of it drives you nuts and you can’t wait to get her in your bed. So you shoot her a text and you start the Tinder conversation: You sent the first message and now you wait. Here’s the first way you DON’T start a conversation on Tinder: You’ve definitely sent this yourself sometime. And I know, you’ve also received a response to this sometime, but more often than not, you got blatantly ignored. Lo and behold: First of all I’d like to apologize for my fellow Tinder coaches on the internet. ) On probly nevidí (shake to prdel.) that it was easy for him (uh, say what? ) he probly can't see (shake that ass.) Její ex-přítele, (Kdo, Jermaine?

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