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Be willing to travel: ‘When it comes to dating, we find an awful lot of people are unwillingly to travel.

We receive calls from potential clients asking that they only be paired with men/women in certain areas, regions, counties, etc.

There is no way any one person will tick every one of your boxes.

We’ve seen with our clients that those who find their perfect match are those who have a realistic opinion of themselves and focus on why a person is suitable for them rather than obsessing about the reasons why they’re not.

Don’t do the usual ‘’we’ll see what happens’’, be honest, tell the person you had a great time and that you would like to see them again.

We spoke to Feargal Harrington, Director and Co-Founder of Intro Matchmaking about the good, the bad, and the ugly of the dating world.They say (and insist) ‘’I’ve got a Ph D from Trinity College therefore I feel I’m only suited to men with the same qualifications as me’’.The thing is, there are men in this country who left school when they were 15 years-old, started a business and are now successful entrepreneurs.Topics like these make the other person uncomfortable. Present yourself well, look fresh and clean but don’t go too overboard for the first date.’ Exes are not on the menu: ‘This is an absolute no-go.Conversations about exes or dating history put a negative spin on the date.

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