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Winner will be sent payment by Paypal so it is necessary that you have a Paypal account for this, to avoid any complications later on 🙂 Here’s what you have to do Simply copy and paste the following on your blog to be considered as an entrant to the contest. Some interesting facts This contest is an excellent idea for link baiting as it has spurred a lot of excitement among bloggers and website owners.Over at Ashwin’s blog, you will find one crazy blog owner!! To enter just copy this text and paste it in your blog!! Here’s what I found out doing a quick search and checking on Technorati: People are entering the contest like crazy.It's definitely an interesting time for them, I think.As Dave says in his note, Technorati is a "revenue stage" company at this point, and a different stage calls for different leadership. I love the sense of mission, and the fast innovation.Best wishes to the Technorati team and to Dave for whatever comes next for both of them.If you were to ask anyone who knows their way around cyberculture about the blogosphere, Technorati would undoubtedly be top-of-mind.My Blog had an Authority of 19 last week when I started and after reaching Shoe Money’s Top Commentators List, it increased to 35.The Rank is now showing 1 with a Top 100 icon with it, although I’m now sure how this happened.

Back in the fall of 1998, it was Dave who offered an email mailing list from his brand-new startup then called Linux Care (with a capital C) to a group of people who thought we ought to have a vendor-neutral professional certification program for Linux.Also, sundaybrew of Sunday Skool mentioned in one of his tips at Digital Point to leave comments on high PR blogs like Shoe Money and John Chow.So I started with the comments last week on Shoe Money’s blog and am one of the top commentators on the list now 🙂 On most blogs, the Top Commentators list is refreshed every month, but in the case of Shoe Money’s Blog, I think it updates weekly as I read somewhere on his blog.There's a definite difference in heading up a startup from heading up a more mature company.Kudos to Dave for recognizing - and accepting - that and stepping out of the way so that others can take the reigns and move the company he founded to the next step.

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