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A few members from the film fraternity spoke in support of her, and members of the community, but her tweets got a fair bit of trolling too. Vairamuthu had asked her to sing the ‘Tamizh Thaai Vaazhthu’ at a book release function which she refused to do.

While he did not react to the allegations directly, Mr. Chinmayi had alleged that she had been asked to visit Mr. She alleged that when she refused to do so, he had allegedly threatened her and claimed that he would tell a politician that she had spoken ill of him on stage at an event. Vairamuthu was not available for comments on the specific allegations.

The order, pegged for a three-year period, is expected to give a boost to the traders' community.

Where, for a change, she’s the subject and the man is the object being looked at?, the male gaze is set within a psychoanalysis framework and describes the concept of a woman being looked at by a man and a camera, to be watched and associated with by a viewer who is assumed to be male and heterosexual.But is there, heterosexually speaking, an inverse concept, a ‘female gaze’?“I am being questioned as to why I sang songs written by him. There is no way that an incident as she claims could have happened.She was treated very well during the course of her stay here,” he said.

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