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While it won't be easy for you to take the stand, nothing will change unless you do.Alternatively, if he truly cares for you beyond conveniently spending the night, then he will demonstrate this through being honest with his family and friends. On the other hand, taking a stand might lead your friend to reveal his intention to limit the relationship to that of a friendship with benefits.Fear of parent's reaction is normal for all children.What distinguishes adult behavior from child behavior is that adults know they can't always please their parents and are willing to live with the consequences for their choices.We have since been seeing each other secretively..a few people know.The reason for the secrecy is that he claims that his family hates me and that he doesn't want to look like an idiot if things don't work out (we were hot and cold in our relationship and he discussed this info with his family). Anyways, what I need help with is advice on what to do.How do I show him respect and give him space...while still hanging out with him?Dear Abby, For a marriage to be even somewhat successful, it requires that each partner have a high level of maturity.

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I am on a roller coaster, and want it to be resolved, but he says that he is still not sure what's going on or what is going to happen.

Maturity is needed for good communication, problem-solving, paying bills, saving money for the future and raising children.

Maturity is also needed in order to put the needs of your partner and/or your kids ahead of your own needs as well as knowing when to put your own needs ahead of others.

So, if your friend is telling you the reason the two of you can't have a more serious relationship is because he is from Kerala or Indian, then he is conveniently picking the parts of his culture or religion that he wants to apply to the relationship.

Meaning, the fact he is from Kerala has little to do with why the relationship is not progressing to the next level.

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