Spencer boldman dating

Spencer Boldman completed his graduation from Plano East Senior High School.

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After they broke up their relationship he was in a relationship with Debby Ryan but they also got separated.

have something to be extra excited about with this week’s all new episode, which airs Monday, October 13 at p.m. The episode, “Alien Gladiators,” features a special guest star from the Disney Channel: Karan Brar!

We caught up with Kelli and Spencer to talk to them about the episode. Tiger Beat: We love seeing Disney stars playing guest roles on other Disney series. Kelli Berglund: Karan is not only hilarious, but also one of the sweetest guys I know! Spencer Boldman: He’s a talented kid, but most importantly he’s respectful and professional.

Always cool to see kids like him that have a good head on their shoulders.

Tiger Beat: Having Los Angeles Dodgers player Andre Ethier on set must have been pretty exciting.

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