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Social Sex Attitudes in Adolescence (1953)** (out of 4)Mary and Bob are about to be married but before that happens we have a narrator explaining why they are so perfect for one another. Why of course, it's the fact that both of their parents took the time to teach them about sex.

SOCIAL SEX ATTITUDES IN ADOLESCENCE is another sex education film from the Mc Graw-Hill production company and like the others I've seen from them, this one here is pretty straight-forward in regards to it trying to teach a moral lesson.

Particularly notable in this respect are AGE OF TURMOIL which portrays the varied behavior, problems and needs of six early adolescents; and MEETING THE NEEDS OF ADOLESCENTS which deals with a brother and an older sister, each a distinctive personality.

Teachers and adult discussion leaders will also appreciate the way in which these motion pictures guard against the tendency toward over-generalization that can so easily come out of films that show only a single 'case'." "Social-Sex Attitudes in Adolescence," Film News (September 1953): 17. from SOCIAL-SEX ATTITUDES IN ADOLESCENCE." "Guidance Films Enrich Long Island U.

Because it is strung on a chronological flashback story thread and deals in some detail with a young couple easy to identify with, there is none of the didactic, abstracted quality that often labels and limits the 'educational' film.

(22 mins., 0) Produced by Crawley Films Ltd., Ottawa, Canada, for Mc Graw-Hill Text-Film Department, 330 W.

Some of the adult characters are New York actors and actresses, but the majority are played by Fayetteville folk, whose friendly cooperation made it possible to complete the exterior work on the entire series in just eight weeks. And here we must speak of people again; for the Crawley company, before hiring even the most gifted of film workers, first finds out how he will 'fit in with the crowd.' This is because Crawley Films Limited started as a family affair - with the husband-wife team of Judith and Budge Crawley, then with the addition of the related Sparks and the Crabtrees.Such controversial matters as the adolescent's feelings toward the parent of the opposite sex, toward 'crushes' and 'petting' are dealt with intelligently and in a very forthright manner. By avoiding any hint of censure and stressing wholesome but not impossibly idealized standards this film should prove exceptionally valuable to older teen-agers as well as to their parents, teachers and counselors. Available for sale singly, or in a package with accompanying filmstrips (0) from Mc Graw-Hill, New York City, and Toronto (Canada). We are wondering too if the presence of the word 'sex' does not limit the use of even as fine a film as this one, with certain audiences.The strength of the films lies in their emphasis on the individual variations found among 'normal' adolescents.

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