Social dating with activites

Then you can complete your turn by tossing the ball to the child who was left out (White 2011). Long-term outcome of social skills intervention based on interactive LEGO play. In one study, children worked in pairs on a task that required them to match different animal species with an appropriate habitat. During f MRI scans, players observing gestures experienced enhanced activity in the temporo-parietal junction, a part of the brain associated with reflecting on the mental states of other people (Schippers et al 2009). Rethinking natural altruism: simple reciprocal interactions trigger children's benevolence.

For additional advice about the socialization of young children, see this article about preschool social skills.

I haven't found any randomized, controlled experiments on the subject. Joint music making promotes prosocial behavior in 4-year-old children.

But it makes sense that cooperative gardening could help kids hone social skills, and there is some research in support of the idea. A psychologically “embedded” approach to designing games for prosocial causes.

When kids participate in group conversations about emotion, they reflect on their own experiences, and learn about individual differences in the way people react to the world. Gibbs L, Staiger PK, Townsend M, Macfarlane S, Gold L, Block K, Johnson B, Kulas J, Waters E. Methodology for the evaluation of the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden program. Cyberpsychology: Journal of Psychosocial Research on Cyberspace, 9(3), article 1.

And that understanding helps kids develop their "mind-reading" abilities. Promoting prosocial behavior and self-regulatory skills in preschool children through a mindfulness-based Kindness Curriculum. Keil J, Michel A, Sticca F, Leipold K, Klein AM, Sierau S, von Klitzing K, White LO. The Pizzagame: A virtual public goods game to assess cooperative behavior in children and adolescents.

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