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Indeed, I was privileged to attend the Coursera 'Partner's Conference‘ in March 2016.Since, I have become a Mentor with Coursera's 'Learning How to Learn' and 'Photography' courses.When someone was born no more makes them digitally literate than being capable of driving a car or flying a light aircraft.The inverse is the truth: those with the greater digital skills are older and educated: they could afford the devices and the Internet connection.My asthma awareness script for age group swimmers is now done.The next step is to cost it, fund it and produce it.I have taken an educator through Google Classroom and Google Drive twice or three times in a year so doing this requires me to revisit what I knew then, check all updates and give things a go myself before hand.The tutors themselves, with there 25 students and a term of assignments to prepare are more versed in it than I am.

Starting out in corporate video training and information films in the 1980s I found myself working with an ex BBC Money Programme Producer Alan Scales who won the contract to replace a carousel slide show (really) sent round to all branches, with video.

Over the four years of studying for an MA I completed: H807, H800, H808, B822 and H810.

After graduation, I then took H809 and H818 as Continual Professional Development (CPD).

No production team - just me, a camera and tripod, student actors. I would have hoped after 34 years to have moved on but my 'career' has been a constant spiralling up and down and off in all directions as I catch fermal, or come to earth with a bump, or jump out (with or without a parachute It is wrong to reference Prensky whose theories were entirely hypothetical and once tested proved to be totally wrong.

Search here to see the multiple times I have picked up on this one and stripped in bare.

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