Signs of dating a con artist

Here are eight crazy facts about con artists and the people who become them, based on Maria Konnikova’s The Confidence Game: In the movies, it’s often easy to spot a sketchy character, but what makes many con artists successful is their ability to present themselves in a way that appeals to their marks and the general public.

One review of nearly 600 cases of company fraud found that about 40 percent had been considered “highly respected” by their co-workers.

This is probably the most obvious sign; con artists always have a reason as to why you should lend them money, which they claim they’ll repay.

This includes you always having to settle your lunch or dinner bill, or having to “chip in” a huge amount because it’s time for them to finally launch his long-awaited business venture – which they need capital for.

Unfortunately, this can make us vulnerable to those who wish to take advantage of us. Ferdinand Waldo Demara, one of the most infamous con artists, was a master at it.If you’re asking yourself questions like: “Is this the right person for me? This article was co-authored by our trained team of editors and researchers who validated it for accuracy and comprehensiveness.In addition, be cautious of him promising you things you havent asked for.According to De Becker, promises are “the very hollow instruments of speech,” as they indicate that someone is trying to convince you of/into somethimg.

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