Shaadi dating sites

Fradulent profiles are being being created(and I mean paid members) whose only intention is to prey and victimize unsuspecting candidates and lure them to part with their finances by providing fake stories.Unfortunately these are not one person crimes rather are organized crimes(involving multiple… COM CALLED ME FROM THEIR ERNAKULAM OFFICE AND TOLD ME THAT YOU CAN REGISTER AS A SELECT SHADI MEMBER BY PAYING RS.13,300/- FOR A MEMBERSHIP PERIOD OF 3 MONTHS.Read Full Review I REGISTERED MYSELF AS A NON PAID MEMBERSHIP ON SHADI. IN THE 3 MONTHS PERIOD, YOU WILL BE ASSISTED BY A RELATIONSHIP MANAGER WHO WILL SEARCH AND CONTACT PROFILES OF YOUR CHOICE AND ACCORDING TO YOUR PREFERENCES.AFTER 3 MONTHS, IF YOU DO NOT GET A SUITABLE MATCH, YOU WILL BE REPAID THE FULL… is an organisation that has defrauded me off my money!When I enquired over Live Chat on the website as to the reason why my paid subscription had been cancelled I was given no reason other than its our policy that we can require personal information from customers whenever we want.I was asked to provide a photocopy of my passport, driver's license, proof of work and where I work (payslips) and photocopies of my degrees.

The consultants (only other than one who left the company while he worked with me) treated me like a number and sent me profiles without checking on my preferences.Read Full Review Written on: 08/01/2015 Swindled off my money and asked for unwarranted very private personal information. I made the mistake of opening up a trial membership with them.After that staff from incessantly harassed me through emails and other communication to buy a membership through them.already had my phone number, credit card information and my pictures on their database - they had absolutely no need to ask for my private information.It is none of their business where I work, how much I earn, what passport I have, my residency status or where I live.

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