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Bethlehem Books, founded in 1971 in Portland, Ore., is associated with Ignatius Press.

“We co-publish our books with Ignatius Press of San Francisco,” Jack Sharpe said.

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The historical fiction of the past is well-researched, Reynolds said.

“They are well-written books; some began to be forgotten as librarians tried to make room for new books.” With the rise in home-schooling, “parents found that historical fiction is a great way to interest kids in history and make history come alive.” “It’s such a privilege to keep these books in print,” Rose Sharpe said.

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Members of the Bethlehem Community were living in Cincinnati when they were invited by Bishop James Sullivan of the Fargo Diocese to come to North Dakota in 1994 and settle in Warsaw, where they renovated a former convent.

Bethlehem Books seeks to republish books that represent “a great era” in children’s literature in the 20th century, said Reynolds.

“It started in the ‘20s, rising to a crescendo in the ‘40s and ‘50s.

“Some of our customers are people who were raised on Bethlehem books and now they’re buying them for their kids.” Some books have gone into the public domain, she said.

The company tries to locate authors, some of whom have publishing “agreements from way back, usually for a certain amount of time,” she said.

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