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It’s hard to give a simple explanation about what this game is, since it doesn’t cleanly fit into any of the primary genres.

That’s not to imply that this game has a significant amount of depth, but rather than it’s actually pretty simple.

With the exception of bosses, every enemy in the game is destroyed with one his and they will also be destroyed if you hit into them (though you’ll also lose health).

The enemies come in a variety of forms: birds, bats, flames, slime (? None of them really fit into , which is a bit disappointing.

Just keep walking right and you’ll eventually end up at the boss.I want to say that it’s like a platforming game, but since there are no platforms to jump on and very little in the way of vertical movement, it would probably be better defined as an “adventure” or “action” game.The game itself consists of four stages (and one mini game, which will be covered a little bit later), with each stage consisting of two sections: a story section where you explore and talk to other characters and a side-scroller section where you fight enemies, ultimately culminating in a battle against the stage boss.Stage four doesn’t have a story section and just continues straight through after the boss battle in stage three into the next side-scroller section.Walking around and exploring is pretty fun since you can see a lot of memorable characters from the anime and move around at your own pace.

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