Rupert grint dating anyone

Giving the example that he'd once been dressed up in drag after meeting a new friend one night, he added, "It's got me in a few weird situations.I met this drag queen and went back to her little flat with all her drag queen friends because I couldn't say no." Grint further distanced himself from Hollywood by pursuing work in theater, but the results were much more positive.In 2011, Grint starred as an obsessive Ed Sheeran stalker in the singer-songwriter's "Lego House" music video.At the time, he probably didn't envision that their uncanny resemblance would follow him around nearly as much as the shadow of Ron Weasley."Erm, no…well, not really, er, yeah," he replied with a nervous laugh, before adding, "Yes, early days maybe." Though Grint's alleged relationship with Groome appears to be an open secret in the entertainment industry, it doesn't seem like either film star has any plans to comment on their rumored romance.As such, we'd guess that British newspapers and gossip rags will just have to keep on speculating about their alleged love in hopes of a clear confirmation.

"I would do anything if someone asks me to do it," Grint told .He apparently acquired the homes through his company Eevil Plan Properties.And, while he and his parents reside in two of the homes, at least one of the actor's properties is reportedly being rented out to locals.Harry Potter is never complete without the small, notorious and hungry all the time wizard, Ron Weasley, portrayed by Rupert Grint!The ginger-headed brit kid, ever since his appearance in cinema, has been remembered for his sweet acting that he flaunts confidently on screen.

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