Running dating service

You might notice the option for “Allow service to interact with desktop”, which we mentioned earlier – by default, services are not allowed to access your desktop unless this box is checked, and this checkbox is really only there for legacy support.

But just checking that box doesn’t immediately give them access – you would also need to make sure that the No Interactive Services value in the registry is set to 0, because when it is set to 1, that checkbox is ignored and services can’t interact with the desktop at all.

The overall footprint of Windows has even decreased due to all this work.

From this dialog you can see the full path to the executable as well, which can help in many cases when you want to see what exactly the service is running.The dependencies tab shows which services depend on a particular service, and which services depend on the one you are looking at.If you are planning on disabling a service, you should probably consult this section first to make sure nothing else requires that service.The Log On tab allows you to choose whether the service is logged on as the local system account or under another account.This is mostly useful in a server environment where you might want to run a service account from the domain that has access to resources on other servers.

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