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Fred and Adele's mother suggested they change their name to "Astaire," as she felt "Austerlitz" was reminiscent of the Battle of Austerlitz.Family legend attributes the name to an uncle surnamed "L'Astaire." They were taught dance, speaking, and singing in preparation for developing an act.Astaire's dancing was inspired by Bill "Bojangles" Robinson and John "Bubbles" Sublett.Fred had already been hunting for new music and dance ideas.

Astaire was always on the lookout for new steps on the circuit and was starting to demonstrate his ceaseless quest for novelty and perfection. He and his partner, Adele Astaire, made the show pause early in the evening with a beautiful loose-limbed dance." Adele's sparkle and humor drew much of the attention, owing in part to Fred's careful preparation and sharp supporting choreography. But by this time, Astaire's dancing skill was beginning to outshine his sister's.'"Fritz" was hoping to find work in the brewing trade and moved to Omaha, Nebraska, where he landed a job with the Storz Brewing Company.Astaire's mother dreamed of escaping Omaha by her children's talents, after Astaire's sister, Adele Astaire, revealed herself to be an instinctive dancer and singer very early on in her childhood.Their first act was called Juvenile Artists Presenting an Electric Musical Toe-Dancing Novelty.Fred wore a top hat and tails in the first half and a lobster outfit in the second.

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