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Find Record 10.1 Search forward 10.2 Search backwards 10.3 Ignore Records 10.4 Search criteria 10.5 Record exists ? Filter Records 11.1 Filter by 1 field 11.2 Filter by 2 fields 11.3 Remove filter 12. Now the ADODB Recordset is available in every procedure in the VBproject through variable db_00.

Sorting Records 9.1 By 1 field 9.2 By 1 field ascending/descending 9.3 By several fields 9.4 By several fields ascending/descending 9.5 Restore sorting 10. Declaration in the declaration area and assignment in a procedure This approach has 2 steps: - Declare the variable as public in the declaration area of the codemodule of a standard macromodule.

The field definition restricts the kind of data you can store in it.

It works analogously to the declaration of variables in VBA.

An ADODB Recordset in VBA is a storage item: you can store all kinds of different things in it: numbers, texts, dates.

4.2 Without reference to the library: 'late binding' 4.2.1 Local scope If the use of the ADODB Recordset is restricted to 1 macro or function you can restrict the ADODB Recordset definition to that procedure.

It's not possible to change the 'Name' of a field, since it is part of the Recordset's structure.

ADODB Recordset structure 5.1 Define fields 5.2 Fields collection 5.3 Field Properties 5.4 Delete field 5.5 Store the Structure 5.6 Create Records 5.7 Records from Excel Range 5.8 Records from Listobject 5.9 Records Add 6. Transpose Active X List Box VBA-Array 12.2.1 Record selection 12.2.2 Field selection 12.2.3 Field order 12.3 . Save 12.4.1 ADTG file 12.4.2 XML file 12.4.3 Excel to XML 13. If you use 'early binding' it can be done very densely in one line using this code in the declaration area.

We limit ourselves to a discussion of the possibilities of the ADODB Recordset. This means that items with equal values keep the order in which they were added to the set.

In this page no attempt is made to compare all these methods.

In the declaration area in the codemodule of a standard macromodule Now, by the use of the variable db_00 the ADODB Recordset is accessible for every procedure in the VBproject (=workbook, Document, Presentation, etc.). There is one limitation to 'late binding' though: you can't use the 'constants' (e.g. The fields constititute the ADODB Recordset's structure, similar to a database. A substantial amount is meant for compatibility purposes. The Data Type Enumeration can be entered either by its name/constant or index number.

ad Filter Pending Records) in arguments of methods. After defining the fields and saving their properties you can add records and fill the fields in each record. In several cases (a string or binary field) the field length has to be defined too: the third argument.

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