R java file not updating

I'm totally unfamiliar with that code so it's hard to make progress.problems with normally, at this step with the bug and without the workaround, I'd have to rebuild all.There are no problems other than the 3 lines of code posted below and unused variable warnings.Would appreciate any help as there obviously aren't many answer yet about Android Studio.So all of my R classes were resolving to the SDK, as soon as I commented out that line everything compiled correctly to my package.

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I only noticed the issue when I was moving the project from my Mac to my Windows machine.

If you’ve been waiting for a fresh update of your favourite IDE, wait no more!

Intelli J IDEA 14.0.3, is already out, packed with long-awaited enhancements and bugfixes.

These days, we are monitoring this issue:when one was developing a utility that monitors log files as they are updated.

On 2003, opening the log file folder in explorer, you can see the timestamp and files size change before your eyes each time the log is updated.

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