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If you follow Royals gossip then the past few weeks have been a veritable goldmine of posh sleaze for you.Right now, the British Royal Family (the Royals who gobble up most of the world’s attention, sorry Denmark) are in a curious place where they have seemingly never been more popular. The younger generation, headlined by the Cambridge and Sussex duos, have been heralded as the new era of royalty, the modern millennials who are Just Like Us.What is it about this tale that has enraptured and enraged so many? First of all, it’s tough to avoid the optics of how this story, unfounded or otherwise, has picked up no steam in the British press while every move Meghan makes is under the microscope.Surely if she was rumoured to be cheating on Harry with some piece of posh totty, we’d never hear the end of it.There have been plenty of stories spinning the idea that Meghan and Kate are involved in an almighty catfight that has torn the beloved brothers apart.It’s one of many angles to ‘diva Meghan’ gossip that’s permeated the British press.So why go after this nothing little story about feuding friends? Suffice to say, people were not happy about this, but they certainly latched onto the story, and things were only made all the more dramatic when food critic, TV presenter and all-round ars*hole Giles Coren tweeted (then deleted) that the affair was public news for his circle.

We probably never will unless Kate decides to release her own or decides to actually divorce him and do as Diana did. The British press has not written about this in any way but plenty of American publications have (possibly because they don’t have a professional relationship with The Firm to risk).It’s tough to avoid the virulent tone of much of this, from both the British press and social media, especially as harmful conspiracies about supposed fake pregnancies and Medea style entrapment on Meghan’s part become all the more hostile.We live in conspiratorial times driven by hatred and bigotry and the treatment Meghan has received for simply living her life has often felt like the exemplification of that.The cheating stuff isn’t the only part of the story that proved alluring.Cliffe’s editorializing on the story explored the possibility that maybe this was the inciting incident that led to the oft-discussed rift between Harry and William.

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