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Most females, certainly not all, my age are either still in school, working part time jobs and making little to no money (which isn't terrible, but not great either), are looking for a sugar daddy, OR they are YUPPIES (like myself) and make a good salary but have super high standards, are snobbish, rude, or judge you because you don't make a certain amount of money, or they are super punctual and OCD.

Certainly not all females exist in this boundaries (for my sake), but it's been what I've seen so far. Please sharewhen you find something you think is worthwhile, you will go for it because you can't see yourself without it.

it has been my experience, but have placed myself in the shoes of others in vastly different situations and i couldnt help but be really turned off by their situations, something i do not want to find myself in, ever.

She was not being "judgemental", she was giving you good advice. Referring to us as "females" is too clinical, too cold, too weird and misogynistic - all of which will turn off any of the opposite sex you were hoping to attract. When you say "social pressure," are you referring to pressure from friends or pressure the would-be girlfriend? i understand that its higher standards than most people, but then again i like to have a nice way of life.

I want to go out with someone who’s fun, not someone who is desperate to find the right genes for her baby.” You don’t want to give this impression!

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When I first got in a relantionship, my gf told me her friends kept asking her "What do you see in him? Don't let others get in the way of your relationship! My grandparents were 23 years apart and they loved each other a lot. Everyone loved him If people are indirectly commenting on your partner's look, then they aren't concerned with your happiness. Younger crowds tend to be a bit more superficial for a bit.

I feel ya girl, me and my bf have 11 year difference and some of my friends don't seem to like him that much, but I SAY FUCK YALL I LOVE HIM Stfu, think for ur self and be happy don't mind jealous pepole YOU GO GIRL!!!

I’m sorry you also have to endure those negative comments surrounding your relationship. I love those last remarks tho- I’ll try them out :) Best wishes!

As someone who found out the hard way what my partners friends genuinely think of me for no good reason, I'm going to say this as nicely as I can about people with this type of mindset: Fuck them and fuck what they think, if you're happy and he's happy then fuck whatever whoever says about it.

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