Plentyof fish dating service

The attractive females who show on the site are mostly inactive, arrogant, egotistical, looking just to play games with innocent men to make themselves feel more attractive, or probably already found someone (whether through or not) and never deleted their profile because doesn't give you a clear option to do so.

Most dating websites at least give you the option to delete or remove your account, whereas seems to leave this feature out for some reason (or make it well hidden), so that it looks like they have a ton of members to choose from.

The online dating communities nowadays harbor the lost people who set extremely unfair and overrated standards for their potential mate.

There are attractive females, who only look for flashy men with money (whether they are attractive or not).

I have also witnessed cases where unattractive, overweight and sloppy females go online and assume that just because a good, attractive man goes online to find love, that they would be interested in them.

Those types of unattractive females make it a bad situation for the men who don't want to simply tell those types of females like it is and put them in their place...

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I remember years ago when they first started, they actually had a phone number to call for Customer Service.

The majority of the women on have no real initiative of meeting the men who join only to experience their nonsense.

They simply think that all they need to do is post a profile of them looking cute and waiting for men to chase after them, so they can play the numbers game of "process of elimination" and be unfairly and overly-selective in choosing to communicate with a man who would think they are wonderful and a good match, after reading their profile and the facade BS that the women post.

Those females cannot land a man through traditional dating and/or meeting men, so for some strange reason, they think that will change online.

Then, those same types of females get angry at the world because they chose to be sloppy and become overweight by eating too much and feeling sorry for themselves, while not even trying to lose weight.

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