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Though the origins of Middle Platonism are obscure, its main direction became clear in the 1st century dualism of matter and reason enhanced the roles of emotion and will, may have influenced its beginnings, as did the Stoicized Platonism of Antiochus; and Stoic influence, especially in the ethical field, remained important in its later developments.There was also a strong Aristotelian influence— though a minority of 2nd-century Platonists, notably Atticus and, to a lesser extent, Gaius Calvenus Taurus, objected to certain Aristotelian doctrines.Join and become part of the growing community of couples.Please share Couples List with your friends on your favorite Social Networking site!

According to these, Plato’s doctrine of forms was, in its general character, highly mathematical, the forms being somehow identified with, or explained in terms of, numbers.

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Here may be seen the influence of the Pythagoreans, though, as Aristotle says, the details of Plato’s views on the mathematical constituents of being were not the same as theirs.

In addition Aristotle states that Plato introduced a class of “mathematicals,” or “intermediates,” positioned between sensible objects and forms.

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