Pau gasol dating reality star

(They have four first round picks in this draft and two in the 2015 draft.) Gasol is a free agent this summer and will have multiple offers to consider, the Suns have to take this into consideration. The Lakers would push for one of those picks, but the Suns are not likely to help out the Lakers with financial relief and a pick.It is unlikely Gasol is back with the Lakers next season so if he is not traded to the Suns he will be shopped around.It didn't take long for Team USA to start blowing out Iran in the FIBA World Championship Wednesday, and it took even less time for Lakers forward Lamar Odom to find a seat on the bench for extended rest."I was in my warrior mode," Odom said. A, kick some ass and get the starters out of the game."It's so hot here, so that's why I've been wearing it too. But today I just decided to play without it so I could let the world see my pretty face."This pleases me, the less LO plays, the greater the odds are of him being healthy and uninjured for the upcoming Lakers season. Hopefully that makeup wearing pg Rondo will avoid injury as well so the whiny Celtics fans and their diva of a coach don't have any more excuses when the Lakers beat the crap out of their starting 5 all season and in the Finals as well, that is if Boston makes it.Lakers newcomer Pau Gasol added 29, including a breakaway dunk that put Los Angeles up 123-117 with to play.Lamar Odom added 22 for the Lakers, who won their sixth in a row to move into a tie with Phoenix atop the Pacific Division.

Gasol, when healthy, would give the Suns a skilled scorer in the half court — but he has not been fully healthy this season.

He was named NBA Rookie of the Year in 2002 and he was selected to four All-Star games between 20. In the 2008 trade that sent Pau to Los Angeles, Marc was shipped to Memphis. He began dating former USC cheerleader Catherine Mc Donnell in 2016; they got engaged October of 2018.

He won back-to-back NBA Championships with Kobe Bryant and the Lakers in 20.

The Suns believe with the big guy just getting started, there are better days ahead.

Bryant, despite his dislocated right pinkie, scored 41 points to help the Lakers to an intense 130-124 victory over Phoenix on Wednesday night.

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